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The Melting Snowman

The Melting Snowman is a Christmas version of the  classic game “Hangman” .

snowman melting

Children remove a snowman part,  whenever they make a mistake,  until the whole snowman has melted away! You can play it when you want to practise grammar οr vocabulary.

Snowman You can also use the melting snowman to practise spelling.

Snowman2Write down the first letter of the word you want them to spell and draw spaces for the rest.

How to make the snowman:

  1.  Use this link, if you want a simple printable.
  2. If you want to have a 3D snowman, use foam cups for the body -you can use more than two- and half a foam cup to make the head. If you don ´t like foam cups, paper plates are also great.
  3. You can also use a white pompom for the head.
  4. Pipe cleaners can be used for the arms.
  5. As a hat you can use a sock. Cut the toe off and roll up the cut end.
  6. Use an orange pompom for the nose. Cut it into a carrot shape, making one side a little pointy. Make a small hole at the foam cup and stick the pompom into it.
  7. Use tissue paper for the scarf.
  8. The feet shapes can be drawn on simple paper.
  9. The eyes and buttons can be made of pipe cleaners – you could either draw them on the cups.

BOXESΥοu can also use boxes to make a bigger and more impressive snowman.

OLAFA good idea would be to ask your students to make their own craft.

Decorate your class or room with them during Christmas.

You can play this game with one player or the whole class.  Ask children to take turns to answer your questions or find the missing letters. If you divide the class into teams, the game will be more challenging. You can revise either vocabulary or grammar.

You can prepare as many flashcards as the parts of the snowman. Here’s a split flashcard you can use to revise tenses:


Another alternative of the melting snowman could be the Christmas tree:

2It’s simple to make it by placing stripes of paper in a row as in the picture above. Nine to ten stripes are enough. Whenever the players make a mistake you take one stripe away.

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