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S is for Sophie, the Supergirl !

How many times have we tried to explain what a verb is? Is it necessary to teach the rules to our learners? How long does it take to make them understand the word order? Wouldn’t it be better to create beautiful stories through which grammar would be more comprehensible? Let me introduce you to Victor, the Verb: Victor the Verb, by papadeli He likes doing things. He never gets tired. He’s a doer! He likes hanging around with others but he needs his friends to be arranged in a certain way. He usually spends time with Sam, the Subject. Victor the Verb is very polite. He lets Sam stand first in the queue. Victor sometimes invites Olga the Object. Here’s their selfie: SVO by papadeli 1. Sam the Subject 2. Victor the Verb 3. Olga the Object In this case, this is what they say: ‘Sam loves Olga.”  Loves? Why loves and not love? Here’s one of my stories I usually tell my students in order to attract their attention and help their memory. Victor the Verb is a doer, as I said. But when Victor meets “he”, “she”, “it”, he gets tired. He doesn’t like being with them without help. Look at his face. He doesn’t agree. He’s furious! simple present by papadeli Victor the Verb: “I can’t deal with them on my own! I need help! Supergirl! Where are you?” "Victor is calling me" by papadeli Wow! There she is! Strong and beautiful, always a helper! Whenever Victor the Verb needs her, she flies right away and gives him a hand. What a girl! Look at Victor when she arrives. He’s peaceful and happy. He can ample time with he, she, it, as long as she is there, next to him! Simple Present 1 Everybody is OK now! There is an agreement. They can have a good time together. No arguments, no quarrels. Supergirl is the one who fixes all problems. Want to see another example? Victor can do everything with anyone as long as Supergirl stands next to him when “he, she, it” are around. Let’s watch him getting transformed into “agree”… agree by papadeli Look at Supergirl now. She gets Sam the Subject and Victor the Verb to agree. Eventually, we have a subject-verb agreement! agree by papadeli But who is Supergirl? Sophie the Supergirl, by papadeli I’m not going to tell you much. I’ll reveal her name: Sophie, because S stands for Sophie, the wise girl. She uses her super powers to save people from bad guys. She helps Victor the Verb come to an agreement and avoid huge misunderstandings. She is the main character of my vocabulary and grammar stories. My kids adore her! How can you practise Simple Present with Sophie the Supergirl? Have two piles of cards: The first one with subjects and the second with verbs. Glue your subject cards on black cardboard and you verbs on blue. For my classes, Simple Present is blue. Ask your learners to form a  sentence. Have a card of Supergirl in case Victor the Verb needs her to make an agreement with Sam the Subject.

"We offer a necklace" by papadeli

“We offer a necklace.”

The student can keep the cards if he/she can form a sentence correctly. In case he/she makes a mistake, the student has to put the cards back.

"Dad writes a book" by papadeli

Dad writes (a story).

Make sure you have as many cards as you can. Try to use the vocabulary they already know so as to consolidate previous knowledge and help them feel confident enough to produce sentences without hesitating about the pronunciation and meaning of the words. Repeat as many times as necessary. You can always use a stopwatch to stop the game. The student who collects the most cards is the winner. If you have large groups and still want to use this game, there is an easy way. All you need is a board -or even a wall- and your piles of subjects and verbs. Blackboard game by papadeli Divide you group in two teams. They have to say a sentence in turns. If they form the sentence correctly, they can move. If they make a mistake, they lose their turn and their opponent plays twice. Team A starts from the left and team B from the right. The winner is the one who reaches  the end of the line first. What about some worksheets? Different ones, like my flashcards. Simple Present by papadeli You create a grid with 3 columns. Subjects, verbs and objects. They have to circle one word from each column, connect the three words and make a sentence. They like it because it’s easy and they don’t have to write much. Simple Present by papadeli You can use it as a game to make it more interesting. Give your students 5-6 grids each. Ask them to circle the answers and set the stopwatch. The one who has the fewest mistakes is the winner. You can print the blank worksheet, fill it in with your words and create your own game. You can even ask your students to complete it and give it to a fellow student to find the answer! Simple Present by papadeli What about some homework? Fill in the words according to your needs after printing it. Simple photocopies can give you multiple worksheets. The problem with the photocopies is that you miss the colours. In this case, I think colours are really important because I use blue for Simple Present. I believe that whenever they see a verb in blue, they understand the use of the tense. Simple Present by papadeli I hope you find my Simple Present tips and tricks useful. If you do find them useful, be sure to follow me on  Facebook , English Tricks 4UPinterest or Scoopit and sign up for emails to keep up with all the latest ideas. You might also enjoy some of my posts on my personal page on FB. he, she. it   +  -s   (papadeli) follow PAPADELI

AT : A Preposition of Place and Time

Prepositions have always been a headache to all learners of English. I’ve been searching – for a looong time -to find memory tricks to help students remember them. So, I started drawing pictures such as the one below:

Visual preposition AT, by papadeli

In one picture, we can see all uses of the preposition “at”. We can present the picture to the learner either as a story or as a simple flashcard.

The card is divided in two parts:

  • The one on the left, where things are happening during the day.
  • and the one on the right, where things are happening during the night.

In the middle, there is a big clock, the masterpiece of this picture. It looks like Big Ben but the thing is that I wanted to make sure that the preposition “at” is mainly used with time: My train leaves at 10:00 p.m. But I chose the clock to strike 12:00 because I can use it later on to ask:

-What’s the time?  -It’s 12 o’clock, right! Either at midday or at midnight.

It’s up to you how to use the picture. But it would really help to print and hand it out with the following notes.


  • at 117 Baker Street
  • at home
  • at work
  • at school, university, college
  • at the bus stop, at the taxi stand
  • at the bookshop, at the cinema, at the restaurant
  • at the door, at the entrance, at the table,at the desk
  • at the front/back of
  • at the beginning/end of (the street)


  • at 12 o’ clock, at 3 o’ clock…
  • at the moment
  • at present
  • at bedtime
  • at lunchtime
  • at the same time
  • at a young age
  • at noon
  • at midday
  • at midnight
  • at night
  • at the beginning/end of the day, at the end of January

Did you notice the little girl entering the school? PAPADELI Language School? Did you see the red hat she is wearing? When do we wear hats like that?

  • at Christmas

The little girl is at school. What is she thinking about? Maybe she needs to relax. But when can she do that?

  • at the weekend (BrE) – *Note that in American English, on the weekend is the correct form.

What about the lady at the end of the street? At her age, she shouldn’t be out at midnight. But what is she trying to do? What is this little thing with the long ears next to the egg? Oh, a rabbit. Rabbit? Eggs? What time of the year could that be? When do we decorate our home with rabbits and eggs?

  • at Easter

I”ve also used as a background at the back,  the silhouettes of the buildings of a city, whereas at the front, the big clock.

You can also present “at” in 2 sections:

1. At as a preposition of time:

at time2. At as a preposition of place:

AT as a preposition of place, by papadeli

There is always the simple way to present each use on its own:

at nightIn case you present the card above, don’t forget to mention that there are 2 words, so we have 2 mountains. In this way, we prevent learners from adding a 3rd word in between.

How to make Ss reproduce the AT phrases

You can print the following pages and cut out the shapes.

at1 at2 at3

  • S1 gives instructions to S2: There are many buildings at the back. There is also a big clock at the front…
  • S2 follows the instructions and builds up the whole picture.
  • You could also create a 3D CARD, which is much more impressive! You can find a tutorial here.

And here’s a 3D card:

AT as a 3D card - by papadeli

To practise writing, you can ask students to write down either the “at phrases” or the whole description of the picture. In case you choose the first option, use a stopwatch to make the activity more challenging! The winner is the one who writes the most phrases!

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A simple ESL game 4U !

You don’t need much to get ready for this game. Just the flashcards you used to teach the new vocabulary in your last lesson. Don’t you want it in context? Get some practice with it through grammar? Well, here it is!

A simple game 4U - by papadeligamesPut four sets of cards on the table;
The 1st set consists of presonal pronouns, names, animals maybe.
The 2nd set consists of verbs. The ones you have just taught and want to revise.
The 3rd set has objects, adjectives, numbers…
The fourth one consists of a tick (positive form), a question mark (interrogative form) and an X (negative).

A simple game 4U - by papadeli
Each player gets 1 card from each pile. That makes it 4 cards in total. For example, “I haven’t got a pencil case”. The sentence makes sense and the player keeps the cards. But if the sentence doesn’t make sense, the player puts the cards back.

The winner is the one who gets the most cards.

You could also use cards of pronouns, verbs, adjectives or nouns -the way I present them:

we - by papadeli  be - by papadeli  tall - by papadeli

In this case, the player gets 4 cards again and has to say:

we are tall - by papadeli

If the player can’t form the sentence correctly, he has to put the cards back. The next player collects another set of 4 cards and the game goes on…

To sum up, this kind of flashcards is the way my Ss remember not only the meaning and spelling of the new words, but also their pronunciation. I think they are a great tool!

The game I presented above is simple and doesn’t require a lot of preparation. You can always use simple cards, which you prepare in 5 minutes if you don’t usually get pictures to teach. You only need a piece of paper and a pen to write the words you need.

Are we tall? -by papadeli

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The Melting Snowman

The Melting Snowman is a Christmas version of the  classic game “Hangman” .

snowman melting

Children remove a snowman part,  whenever they make a mistake,  until the whole snowman has melted away! You can play it when you want to practise grammar οr vocabulary.

Snowman You can also use the melting snowman to practise spelling.

Snowman2Write down the first letter of the word you want them to spell and draw spaces for the rest.

How to make the snowman:

  1.  Use this link, if you want a simple printable.
  2. If you want to have a 3D snowman, use foam cups for the body -you can use more than two- and half a foam cup to make the head. If you don ´t like foam cups, paper plates are also great.
  3. You can also use a white pompom for the head.
  4. Pipe cleaners can be used for the arms.
  5. As a hat you can use a sock. Cut the toe off and roll up the cut end.
  6. Use an orange pompom for the nose. Cut it into a carrot shape, making one side a little pointy. Make a small hole at the foam cup and stick the pompom into it.
  7. Use tissue paper for the scarf.
  8. The feet shapes can be drawn on simple paper.
  9. The eyes and buttons can be made of pipe cleaners – you could either draw them on the cups.

BOXESΥοu can also use boxes to make a bigger and more impressive snowman.

OLAFA good idea would be to ask your students to make their own craft.

Decorate your class or room with them during Christmas.

You can play this game with one player or the whole class.  Ask children to take turns to answer your questions or find the missing letters. If you divide the class into teams, the game will be more challenging. You can revise either vocabulary or grammar.

You can prepare as many flashcards as the parts of the snowman. Here’s a split flashcard you can use to revise tenses:


Another alternative of the melting snowman could be the Christmas tree:

2It’s simple to make it by placing stripes of paper in a row as in the picture above. Nine to ten stripes are enough. Whenever the players make a mistake you take one stripe away.

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My Memory Tricks

I’ve always been in trouble with my memory. Since I was little, I remember myself struggling to study and remember all these grammar rules, spelling, dates, names… When I started teaching kids, I realized that drawing made the same impression to them as it did to me. So, here I am, presenting my way of teaching: PICTOGRAMS

english tricks by papadeli

The alphabet has 26 weird symbols that 5-6 year olds have to remember. What if the letters were characters, with a life style, habits and friends?

No! -by papadeli

Nosy Nick by papadeli

Hh by papadeli

 H is the mother and h is the daughter. They both wear hats. Soft hats. That ´s because they live in a very hot country. They never wear shoes because they hate noise. They always whisper. Hhhhhhh… They are family. They do the same things. So, they are presented together. They have a surname. Mrs Hat is short but proud of her tall and thin daughter. That ´s why she ´s so happy…
I give them names as Helen, Hope… You could add bubbles to make them say their favourite words such as Hello, Hi…

They could also be presented as father and son and represent the pronoun he: The happy, short father

Hatman by papadeli

and the tall son:

Hatboy by papadeli

They are sociable, like meeting people and they have best friends. They usually go out with c which is a cat. Because of the feathers you can see attached on H’s hat, the cat sneezes.. Aaaaaaa… ch!!! .


There are always fancy stories behind each drawing. The parent or teacher uses all kind of voices, movements and talents to make them look interesting and exciting. Let me show you this serious man. Actually, he’s a dad. A great dad. Who do you think he is?

dad by papadeli

Big stomach, straight back…. Reminds you of sth?

dad by papadeli

Letter d! It’s really unbelievable when you show him to the kids, dressed up, no transparent clothes and they are sure who he is! One picture is worth a thousand words…So true!

But how does drawing help pronunciation? How do we pronounce ball, tall, fall? And how can we help kids remember?

all by papadeli

These two l letters are presented as apple trees. One of the apples falls and says “aw !” . So, remember: whenever you see an apple under these two apple trees, it says “aw” because it’s disappointed.

So, what about –all in words? Simple!

fall by papadeli

Need more?

tall by papadeli

Letter T here is a beautiful, tall woman. She likes talking, too. She always says Ttttttttttt…

My memory tricks have helped students remember the pronunciation and spelling of a word. What about its meaning?

laugh by papadeli

This is a difficult word. We write many letters but don’t pronounce all of them. Read this nice story:

Here’s Anne(a), the main character.

U has no hair. He’s a baby. His eyes are closed. He’s sleeping. He’s not talking.That’s why he’s not pronounced. Silent…

 G -for girl- and H –for Hatboy. Letter g and letter h like each other. They spend time together. But they do funny things such as… blowing: ffffffffffffff Look at the baby’s hair. It’s moving. Isn’t that funny? Look at Anne. She’s laughing!

 In this way Ss remember meaning, spelling and pronunciation at the same time. They also have a great time. The top secret is that there are 4 stages in this procedure .

1. They listen to the story while looking at the drawing

2. They have to repeat the story. We remember more when we say it. That ´s  why teaching is the best way of learning.

3. They draw the story the way I do. Same characters, tricks.

4. They write the word. Then they have to find their mistakes on their own. But I have to say that they rarely make mistakes.

What about a verb in Simple Past? An irregular one?

ate by papadeli

A is for Anne. E is for Ed. He is sleeping. He ´s not talking. That ´s why he is not pronounced.
Look at T. She ´s surprised with open arms: “Oh, you ate all the popcorn! 8 of them!”

Let me finish with a drawing of my favourite story. This story consists of more than 50 drawings that help me teach Simple Past. The main character is SUPERGIRL. She’s a normal student but she has super powers. One day something happened to her best friend, Anne. Remember her? Letter a!

said by papadeli

A is  Anne. I is a thief who wears transparent clothes. This is because he doesn ´t want to be seen, discovered, get caught. So, he doesn ´t speak. He ´s silent. He ´s not pronounced at all.In this story, letter I had caught Anne and tried to get her in letter D, which is actually an open door. At that time, Anne was afraid. She was forced by the thief to get in the grey, dark house, through that door. So, she said HELP! (But don ´t worry about Anne. She was saved by her best friend, Supergirl.)

Supergirl by papadeli

Grammar is presented by using the same tricks: drawings through words and stories.

walked by papadeli

I also use pictures not only to present

Present Continuous is a hamburger! -by papadeli

but also to practise the formation of the tenses in sentences:

Present Continuous is a hamburger!  A game by papadeli

How to practise Present Continuous: This game requires 3 decks of cards: the first includes the personal pronouns. The second includes VERBS, and the third includes the symbols (.) , X, ?, which represent the affirmative, negative and interrogative form of the sentence.
The learner must form the sentence correctly, according to the tense required, the personal pronoun and whether it’s affirmative, negative or a question. If the player forms the sentence correctly, he/she can get the verb flashcard. The winner is the person who gets the most cards.

These pictures are strongly recommended for learners of English with learning difficulties. Through these cards they can remember confusing words such as:

Left by papadeli

How to teach the word “left”:
Hold up your hands and stick out thumbs and index fingers as you say:
Which is my left? Which is my right?
Sometimes it’s hard to tell.
But when I stick my thumbs out straight,
My left will make an “L”.

Confusing words such as

boy's by papadeli                            boys by papadeli

get clear and solve many problems by presenting the cards.

To sum up, this is the way my Ss remember not only the meaning and spelling of the new words, but their pronunciation, as well. I think they are a great tool!

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Free Printable Snowman Countdown to Christmas

I came across this idea for the Snowman Christmas Countdown  and thought: Why not make a kid-friendly version printable? So, here it is!


First, you have to print and  cut out all the pieces for the snowman.


The printable includes a top hat, a face, a nose and a scarf. It’s better to stick them all onto  construction paper .You could also decorate the hat with buttons, feathers, and Christmas leaves.

Then, you can assemble the snowman by gluing the hat onto the face and attaching the nose with a brad. If you want to extend the idea, you could draw the body of the snowman. Two big white circles of paper will do.

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Have fun!

Happy Halloween !

To Χάλοουϊν (Halloween) είναι γιορτή του δυτικού κόσμου που γιορτάζεται την νύχτα της 31ης Οκτωβρίου, κατά την οποία τα μικρά παιδιά μεταμφιέζονται, κατά κανόνα σε κάτι “τρομαχτικό” και επισκέπτονται σπίτια μαζεύοντας γλυκά, ενέργεια γνωστή ως “trick or treat” (σκανταλιά ή κέρασμα). Η γιορτή αυτή μοιάζει με τις Απόκριες, όμως διαφέρει από αυτές καθώς το Halloween έχει περισσότερο μυστικιστική χροιά.


Η ρίζα της λέξης αυτής προέρχεται από το All-hallow-even και δηλώνει την παραμονή (eve) της γιορτής των Αγίων Πάντων (All Hallows DayAll Saints Day).  Σήμα κατατεθέν επίσης της γιορτής

αυτής είναι τα φαναράκια φτιαγμένα από πραγματικές κολοκύθες πάνω στις οποίες υπάρχουν χαραγμένα ανθρώπινα χαρακτηριστικά, άλλοτε πιο χιουμοριστικά και άλλοτε πιο τρομαχτικά.

Φανάρια από κολοκύθες, τα φανάρια για τον Jack

Από την αρχαία αυτή παράδοση προέρχεται μια από τις πιο διάσημες εικόνες της γιορτής: το φανάρι από κολοκύθα (Jack-o-lantern). Προέρχεται από ιρλανδικές παραδόσεις και η χρήση του ήταν να φωτίζει τη χαμένη ψυχή του Jack, ενός διαβόητου απατεώνα που είχε κολλήσει ανάμεσα στους δυο κόσμους. Λέγεται ότι ο Jack είχε ξεγελάσει το διάβολο και τον έπεισε να μπει στην κουφάλα ενός δέντρου και σκαλίζοντας την εικόνα ενός σταυρού στον κορμό του δέντρου τον παγίδευσε εκεί μέσα. Οι φάρσες του είχαν ως αποτέλεσμα να του αρνηθούν την είσοδο στον Παράδεισο και καθώς είχε νευριάσει επίσης τον Διάβολο που κυβερνούσε την Κόλαση, ο Jack απέμεινε μια χαμένη ψυχή παγιδευμένη ανάμεσα στους κόσμους. Ως παρηγοριά, ο Διάβολος του έδωσε λίγη χόβολη για να φωτίζει το δρόμο του στα σκοτάδια μεταξύ των δυο κόσμων.

Αρχικά στην Ιρλανδία έπαιρναν ρέβες και τις έσκαβαν βάζοντας στο εσωτερικό τους ένα κερί για να τις χρησιμοποιήσουν ως φανάρια, ώστε να βοηθήσουν να οδηγηθεί το χαμένο πνεύμα του Jack πίσω στο σπίτι του. Κι έτσι προέκυψε η ονομασία, Φανάρια του Jack. Αργότερα, όταν ήρθαν μετανάστες στο Νέο Κόσμο οι κολοκύθες ήταν πιο εύκολο να βρεθούν κι έτσι σκάλιζαν αυτές και έβαζαν μέσα κεριά για να τις κάνουν φανάρια.

Κάντε κλικ στις παρακάτω δραστηριότητες για να νιώσετε το πνεύμα του Halloween.

Scary interactive story: Τολμάτε να το δείτε;

Τhe haunted house Διάβασε τη διαδραστική ιστορία

Make a story : Φτιάξε τη δική σου ιστορία

Αbracadabra: Ένωσε τις λέξεις με τις εικόνες και άκου το τραγούδι

“This is Halloween” -prepositions gap fill: άκου το τραγούδι και συμπλήρωσε τα κενά με προθέσεις

Ι spy with my little eye : Διαδραστικό παιχνίδι

Halloween vocabulary : Mάθε λέξεις διαδραστικά

Α joke! Διάβασε το ανέκδοτο

Please! Διαδραστική ιστορία

Games!  Διαδραστικά παιχνίδια

Hangman : Ξέρεις τις λέξεις; Παίξε κρεμάλα.

The History of Halloween  Listening Comprehension

Halloween printables Mάσκες, κάρτες, προσκλήσεις, φύλλα εργασιών, παιχνίδια…

Resource with many links

Kαταπλήξτε το κοινό σας με αυτό το τρικ!

Τι θα χρειαστείτε
  • Χαρτί
  • Μολύβι ή στυλό

Πώς παίζεται

Το τρικ:Τοποθέτησε 3 ίδια χαρτάκια πάνω σε ένα τραπέζι. Πες σε κάποιον : “Σκέψου κάποιου το όνομα , αλλά μην το πεις δυνατά. Θα διαβάσω το μυαλό σου και θα γράψω το όνομα που σκέφτηκες.”

Γράψτο σε ένα από τα 3 χαρτάκια και χωρίς να αφήσεις κανέναν να δει τι έγραψες, δίπλωσε το χαρτί και ζήτα από αυτόν που το σκέφτηκε να το πει δυνατά. Συνέχισε τη διαδικασία με έναν αριθμό— ένας από ατο κοινό σου σκέφτεται, εσύ γράφεις,  αυτός που το σκέφτηκε λέει δυνατά τον αριθμό— και τελικά με ένα χρώμα, λέγοντας στον παίχτη να διαλέξει ένα από τα δύο χρώματα: πράσινο ή κόκκινο. Τώρα δώσε τα 3 χαρτάκια σε έναν από το κοινό σου για να τα διαβάσει φωναχτά. Οι φίλοι σου θα εντυπωσιαστούν από τις υπερφυσικές δυνάμεις σου!

Πώς γίνεται: Όταν πάρεις το πρώτο χαρτάκι, μη γράψεις το όνομα, αν και το κοινό σου αυτό θα νομίζει ότι κάνεις. Αντί γι αυτό, γράψε”κόκκινο” ή “πράσινο.”  Όταν διαλέξεις το δεύτερο χαρτάκι, μη γράψεις τον αριθμό,  γράψε το όνομα που είπε φωναχτά ο παίχτης. Τέλος, στο τρίτο χαρτάκι, γράψε τον αριθμό που αποκάλυψε ο παίχτης. Αν ακολουθήσεις αυτήν την τεχνική, θα πετύχεις 2 από τις 3 προβλέψεις ή -ακόμα καλύτερα- 3 πό τις 3 προβλέψεις,  τις μισές φορές από τις φορές που θα επιχειρήσεις το τρικ. Ότι κι αν καταφέρεις, όλοι όσοι παρακολούθησαν το τρικ θα μείνουν άφωνοι…


Draw a simple web on a large piece of  paper.  Create black spiders on small pieces of  paper with a tape pillow attached to the back.  Blindfold the children trying to “pin” their spiders on the web.  Using a spider web for young children gives them many opportunities for success because there is not an exact place the spider has to be pinned.


Find this game HERE

Here’s something fun for your children’s teacher as a gift for Halloween. Very easy and inexpensive

 Tag attached says “You are doing a Boo-ti-ful Job, thanks!” Find out how they made it here

Get the kids to help you make these awesome Halloween Masks. Get all the info  HERE

Halloween Party Game Ideas

Are you throwing a Halloween party this year?

The Home and Garden Cafe  has made it simple for you to get started with this list of 10 easy Halloween craft ideas that are sure to please the kids and the adults!


  1. Cheap Trash Bag Halloween Decorating
  2. Simple Wicked Painted Candles
  3. Wispy Ghosts
  4. Pottery Barn Knock Off Hanging Ghosts
  5. DIY Halloween Wreath
  6. Spooky Halloween Wreath
  7. 4×4 Jack-O-Lanterns & Ghosts
  8. DIY Pumpkin Prettiness
  9. DIY Halloween Luminary
  10. Cabinet Door Halloween Craft + Halloween Bottles

Click on the pictures and get the instructions:

Floating Ghosts for Halloween {Craft}   Happy playing,  Happy teaching,

Want more ideas? Here you are:

Valentine’s Day – ESL Resources











  • Easy
  • Love note in a bottle.

    Makes a great teacher or friend gift.  Fill a washed out glass soda bottle with candy of your choice, then cut a  long strip of fancy paper and have your child or you write what they  love about the person receiving the gift. Roll the paper up like a  message in a bottle and cap it. Add some paper flowers and there you  have a super cute, fast gift.

  • Here ´s another great idea!

    It is a pencil bouquet. On the inside are regular pencils with a layer of Valentine ´s pencils on the outside.  Tie a nice red ribbon around them with a heart-shaped note that says, “You ´re the  ´write ´ teacher for me!”. Then put some nice fake flowers on the top to finish the bouquet.


Curtain of Hearts


  • Eating donuts off of string

Mrs. Valentine

Merry Christmas !


Animated stories


Advent calendars :

E- Cards


School or family party games

Here ´s a party game you can play with children or even parents! All you need are paper plates and pens for each player. The teacher  tells the players to put their paper plate on their head.Then the teacher will give a series of instructions for the players to draw on their paper plates (that are on their heads) without looking.

  • Here are the instructions:

1. Draw a line for a floor.

2. Draw a Christmas Tree.  Add decorations if you feel so inclined.

3. Draw a star on top of your tree.

4. Draw a fireplace with a mantel next to the tree.

5. Draw a stocking hanging from the mantel of your fireplace.

6. Draw a present below the tree.

  • After the six steps have been given, let everyone look at their masterpieces. Get ready for a serious giggle fest.Then have players count up how many points they received by following this rubric:

1. 2 points if the tree touches the floor.

2. 2 points if your stocking is touching your mantel.

3. 1 point if your star touches your tree.

4. 1 point if your star is above your tree.

5. 1 point for every Christmas ornament ball that is ON your tree, etc.

6. 1 point if your fireplace doesn’t touch the tree

7. 1 point if you actually drew something decorative on your stocking (or something cute, like a tiny kitten peeking out).

8. 2 points if your present is under your tree.




Vocabulary games


Christmas Craft




Τeacher Resources

Christmas treats for a school party

One of a kind gifts

  • Oven mitt filled with spaghetti and sauce
  • more ideas
  • Popcorn Snowman gift