A simple ESL game 4U !

You don’t need much to get ready for this game. Just the flashcards you used to teach the new vocabulary in your last lesson. Don’t you want it in context? Get some practice with it through grammar? Well, here it is!

A simple game 4U - by papadeligamesPut four sets of cards on the table;
The 1st set consists of presonal pronouns, names, animals maybe.
The 2nd set consists of verbs. The ones you have just taught and want to revise.
The 3rd set has objects, adjectives, numbers…
The fourth one consists of a tick (positive form), a question mark (interrogative form) and an X (negative).

A simple game 4U - by papadeli
Each player gets 1 card from each pile. That makes it 4 cards in total. For example, “I haven’t got a pencil case”. The sentence makes sense and the player keeps the cards. But if the sentence doesn’t make sense, the player puts the cards back.

The winner is the one who gets the most cards.

You could also use cards of pronouns, verbs, adjectives or nouns -the way I present them:

we - by papadeli  be - by papadeli  tall - by papadeli

In this case, the player gets 4 cards again and has to say:

we are tall - by papadeli

If the player can’t form the sentence correctly, he has to put the cards back. The next player collects another set of 4 cards and the game goes on…

To sum up, this kind of flashcards is the way my Ss remember not only the meaning and spelling of the new words, but also their pronunciation. I think they are a great tool!

The game I presented above is simple and doesn’t require a lot of preparation. You can always use simple cards, which you prepare in 5 minutes if you don’t usually get pictures to teach. You only need a piece of paper and a pen to write the words you need.

Are we tall? -by papadeli

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