An awesome Christmas tie and an impressive elf hat.

Stay at home but want to do something different? Are you having a school presentation but don’t know what the kids are going to wear and look outstanding? You are at the right place!

First of all, the only thing I’m going to use is paper. We don’t have to spend a lot of money to get pretty stuff. A printer, scissors, construction paper and glue is enough.

Let’s start with a huge, inpressive elf -or whatever you want to call it- hat. But remember: the colours of Christmas are mainly red, green and gold.

Elf hat

Photo: Elves and Santa!

– Green tissue paper
– Construction paper
– Tape, glue
– Scissors/Ruler


1. First measure your hat band width/length and cut the poster board to size
2. Once band is cut, unfold tissue paper.
3. Begin at top edge of tissue paper, and make pleats (about 5 at a time).

4. As you create about 5 pleats, tape the pleats in place along the edge length of the band.  Continue to do this until the tissue has been pleated and ends to the halfway point of the band length

5.  Next you need to pleat the opposite end of the tissue paper (taping the pleats together by themselves, not to band).

6. After the pleats are finished, overlap band and tape closed.

7.  Fold tissue paper in half, so the unattached edge can be taped to inside of band.

8. You will need to pull the unattached edge inside the band and tape it along the band… it is ok if there are gaps open on each end – just do not overlap the pleats at the sides.
9.  At each side, pleat and gather tissue  from bottom of open end to the other bottom open end.  Pinch the pleats together to create a little pleated tuck and pull inside the hat band.

10.  Once the pleated tuck is pulled inside, tape it to the hat band so it closes the hat side.   Repeat on opposite side.  *Note, it helps to insert your hand underneath/inside the hat to gently fluff the tissue so it rounds out, while doing this step.  You kind of need to fluff it into place.

It’s really impressive! Huge but comfortable.

What about a Christmas tie? There’s no work here. You just print and adjust the pieces.


You can see that all parts have been drawn by me. You can change whatever you want and adjust to the child or lucky adult who is going to wear it.


I’ll post pictures of kids wearing the hats and ties as soon as the rehearsals of our presentations start. For the time being, I’ll give one more idea. What about Chistmas glasses? Wouldn’t that be fun?





You can download the drawings of my glasses here.

Don’t hesitate to send me pictures of you or your children wearing them in case you want me to post them. The hat, tie and glasses could also be used as clever gift wrapping ideas.

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Have fun!

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